Torso Sex Dolls

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Qmuid only sells high-quality sex doll torsos, and we develop unique premium sex doll torsos with automatic sucking & vibrating functions. And it has elastic skin close to the real human body.  Having sex with it will bring you a fabulous sexual experience!  

Instructions for use of premium sex doll

Qmuid produces sex dolls with high-quality materials such as TPE. The torso sex dolls are beautifully crafted with perfect curves, realistic nipples, and vaginal. Equipped with automatic vibrating and vaginal sucking functions, the premium sex dolls can bring you incredible sexual pleasure.

Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good sex doll torso.

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FAQ About Sex Doll Torso

What Is Sex Doll Torso?

It is a sex doll with a small size and a light weight. It has elastic skin close to the real human body.

How to choose sex doll torsos?

#1. Take Your Budget Into Consideration

#2. Consider The Sex Doll Material

#3. Buy Cleaning Supplies And Lubes

#4. Pay Attention To The Size & Weight

#5. Do Your Research On The Website

#6. Look Into The Shipping And Refund Policy

How do you ship sex dolls? How much does it cost?

We provide free discreet shipping on sex dolls. We have our own warehouses in the United States. And we will ship the sex dolls by UPS, Fedex, etc. The delivery time is about 3-10 days.

What's the features of premium sex doll torsos?

The premium sex doll torsos are unique in our website. They are equipped with automatic  sucking function and vibration. There are 5 frequencies of sucking and 5 frequencies of vibration.

How to dress up a sex doll torso?

#1.Wash any clothing before putting them on your doll.

#2.Avoid dark-colored clothing.

#3.Avoid tight clothing.

What are the pros and cons of a sex doll torso?

A sex doll torso can provide a sexual experience as a full-size sex doll. It is much cheaper than a sex doll. Its smaller size makes it easier to hide and store, as well as clean.

On the downside, a sex doll torso may not provide the satisfaction for those who are looking for a more companion-like sex device. For many, owning a sex doll is a way in which to feel closer to a woman and a sense of closeness.