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Torso Sex Dolls

Qmuid represents the combination of love and beauty.Qmuid focuses on the design and creation of a series of high-quality realistic torso sex dolls. We aim to bring you a most realistic and fantastic sexual experience, just actually like making love with your dream lover.

Qmuid Unique Torso

Premium Torso Sex Dolls

Equipped with automatic sucking function & vibrating functions, Premium Torso Sex Dolls can help you experience an orgasm easier and enjoy a life of sexual satisfaction.

Qmuid Unique Torso

Mini Sex Torso 

 If your budget is limited, we provide high-quality but cheaper general sex torsos or mini sex torso for you. Their elastic skin is close to the real human body. Having sex with it will bring you the most authentic sexual experience!

Good sex is like good bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good sex doll torso.

Qmuid Premium Doll with Automatic Functions help you reach your peak every single time

Each review has a personal story, Help you make the right choice and experience the perfect sex

The choice of sex stars will not be wrong, and high-quality sex dolls will double the sex pleasure

Factory Real Photos

We are committed to giving customers a better experience, professional carvers carefully create every detail,
strictly control product quality, and bring you the ultimate orgasm experience.